Best Inexpensive Baby Monitor 2020

Best inexpensive baby monitor

Every parent wants their baby to have the best care possible. They can provide them with the best care when they’re besides them, but they can’t stay with their baby 24/7. You can; however, keep an eye on your baby even when you’re away for work or some other chores. That is made possible with the help of a baby monitor. Here, we’ll list the best inexpensive baby monitor for your baby.

Choosing a Good Baby Monitor

For parents that are new to the idea of parenthood, the entire thing can be confusing at times due to not having enough experience of dealing with kids. That results in anxiety, which is not good for anyone. Having a good baby monitor can relieve some of your tension as you’ll have an eye on your kid 24/7.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are many different kinds of baby monitors. The first is the audio baby monitor that just focuses on the noise made by the baby. Another type is the audio-video baby monitor that not only transmits the audio but also gives you a video of the baby as well. Some come with smartphone apps while there are others that come with their own dedicated touch screen reserved for video viewing.

There are some digital baby monitors available as well that use Wi-Fi to transmit both audio and video to your laptop, smartphone or tablet. If these features are not enough for you, some baby monitors also come with temperature sensors and lighting that helps your baby to sleep well. The important thing here is that these baby monitors are inexpensive and very affordable these days.



Video Option



GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

1.1 pounds


Victure 1080p FHD Baby Monitor with Smart Vision

0.8 pounds


Anmeate Video Baby Monitor with Video Camera

0.93 pounds


VTech Audio Baby Monitor With Up To 1000 Feet Range

0.8 pounds


VAVA 720P 5 Inch Display Baby Monitor

1.1 pounds


Top 5 Best Inexpensive Baby Monitor

Following are some of the best inexpensive baby monitor you can buy for your kid.

1. GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio (Best baby monitor under $100)

Video Baby Monitor with Camera/Audio

GoodBaby has been known to manufacture some of the best baby products, and their video and audio baby monitor is no different. If you’re looking for the complete package in a very affordable price, this baby monitor is for you.

Best Features

The baby monitor comes with a temperature sensor that monitor the temperature of the environment in which the baby is sleeping. It also comes with Lullabies that help the baby sleep well. The 2.4 inch LCD screen is separate to the camera and transmits signals without having to connect to Wi-Fi, which is a good thing but there’s a catch too.

It has a good battery life and has a range of 960ft that is pretty good. The monitor also has Infrared Night Vision and is extremely easy to install.


  • Inexpensive when we look at the features it offers
  • 4 inch LCD Screen
  • No Need to Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Long Battery Life
  • Lullabies
  • Temperature Monitor


  • Not connecting to Wi-Fi means you can’t see the baby video output on your smartphone

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2. Victure 1080p FHD Baby Monitor with Smart Vision (Best baby monitor under $50)

Victure 1080p FHD Baby Monitor with Smart Vision

The Victure 1080p FHD Baby Monitor is the best baby monitor you could find under the $50 price range. It is a 24/7 working baby monitor with direct connectivity to your smartphone with the App. The App gives you alerts and updates on when the baby is crying and also feeds live video from the baby room directly to your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Best Features

Arguably the best feature of this product is the 1080p video output alongside the smart motion tracking and detection. It also has a baby crying mechanism that alerts you via the app when the baby is crying. The monitor also supports SD card and cloud storage.


  • 24/7 Operating
  • Very Inexpensive
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity to your Phone
  • Two-way Audio


  • Doesn’t work with public Wi-Fi without a password for security purposes

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3. Anmeate Video Baby Monitor with Video Camera

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor with Video Camera

A good probability of a monitor being a good baby monitor is that it has tons of features for an affordable price. That’s exactly what the Anmeate video baby monitor offers. From temperature monitoring to wireless transmission, it’s got it all.

Best Features

The baby monitor comes with a dedicated 2.4 inch LCD screen for displaying live video feed of the baby. It comes with a great night vision option as well that helps to keep track of baby activity at night.

The monitor has a transmission range of up to 960 feet. The 950mAh battery ensures that the monitor keeps going on its own for a decent period of time. 4 Lullaby songs are also embedded in the baby monitor that comfort your baby and help him in having a soothing sleep.


  • Affordable
  • High Capacity Battery
  • 2x Digital Zoom
  • 4 Inch LCD


  • No Wi-Fi compatibility

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4. VTech Audio Baby Monitor With Up To 1000 Feet Range (Best baby monitor VTech)

VTech Audio Baby Monitor
VTech Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech audio baby monitor is arguably the best audio baby monitor long range. It is famous due to its 1000 feet long range, which makes it a very handy option for parents seeking to monitor their child’s activity using audio transmission.

Best Features

The whole setup includes two devices; one parent unit and one baby monitor. It has a two-way audio transmission which means you can talk to your baby and send him your voice to comfort him whenever he needs it.

The battery life is something really great about this baby monitor with up to 18 hours of baby monitoring on a single charge. If you’re outdoors, the range of the parent device is 1000 feet, while for the indoor usage, it is 160 feet.


  • Very Inexpensive
  • DECT 6.0 High Quality Audio Transmission
  • Great Battery Life
  • Up to 1000 feet of Parent Unit Range


  • Does not have video
  • No Wi-Fi Connectivity

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5. VAVA 720P 5 Inch Display Baby Monitor (Best baby monitor under $200)

VAVA 720P 5 Inch Display Baby Monitor

Looking for a high-quality, classy baby monitor that not only does the job but does it in style? Well, in that case, the VAVA 720 5 inch baby monitor is the best inexpensive baby monitor you can buy. It is expensive than the other options listed above but when it comes to value for money and richness of features, it surely is a winner in every department without a doubt.

Best Features

The monitor comes with a separate 5 inch HD 720p display that gives you the best possible video output of your child. It also comes with a thermostat and LED noise indicators to guide you about the condition and wellbeing of the baby.

The LCD baby monitor also has a 2x and 4x zoom option available at your disposal. You don’t need any app because the mechanism has been established in a way to deliver seamless video transmission without the need of any app or an external Wi-Fi connection.

As for the battery life, the monitor comes with a massive 4500mAh battery that has a 12 hour battery life when the display is on and a 24 hour timing for the turned off display. In your house, where most monitors have a limited range, the range that the VAVA baby monitor offers if from 480-900ft, and that is indoors.


  • Huge Battery Life
  • 5 Inch Large LCD IPS Screen
  • Seamless Video Transmission
  • Great Greyscale Night Vision
  • Thermal Monitor
  • Dual-Way Audio
  • 2x and 4x Zoom Option


  • Expensive as compared to other Options
  • Should have an optional Wi-Fi Phone Connectivity Option as well for the Price

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Final Verdict

In the article above, we’ve listed the best inexpensive baby monitor you can possible buy in a limited budget for the best performance. The overall choice depends on your budget and whether you’d like to have just an audio monitor or a video one as well. It also depends on whether you’d like to have a separate screen monitor or an in-app smartphone monitoring monitor.

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