How to Disinfect Laptop Keyboard for Removal of Virus Elements

How to disinfect laptop keyboard? (Image from Amazon)

Cleaning and dusting your laptop once every often is good. But, in these tough times where the world is threatened with the dangerous effects of COVID-19, it is important to have everything you own in the best possible shape in terms of cleanliness. By cleanliness, I don’t mean just dusting it off but also protecting the laptop from germs and viral elements. So, in this article, I’ll give you tips on how to disinfect laptop keyboard and other parts of your device.

Is Disinfecting Important?

Let’s suppose several people use your laptop, and after they use it, they hand it over to you. Now, if anyone has COVID-19, most of the affected are asymptomatic, which means you can’t necessarily tell if they have the virus or not by just looking at them. So, even if they don’t have the virus, it is important to disinfect your laptop, specifically the keyboard as it is the area where hands are mostly used.

Advantages of Disinfecting Laptop Keyboard

The biggest advantage of regularly disinfecting your laptop keyboard after usage is cleanliness and protecting yourself from germs and bacteria, including COVID-19. When a person has COVID-19, whatever surface he touches, the virus gets transferred on top of that surface, and when another person touches the same place, his hands pick the virus and then it is transferred to the body later on. So, one should always disinfect his keyboard from viruses for his own safety and the safety of others around him.

Are there Dangerous Germs on Laptop Keyboards?

When hands touch the buttons of the keyboard, germs on the hands are transferred to the keyboard. In that case, one must clean the keyboard before using it because if the germs move on to your hands, it can result in an illness to you.

In these difficult times of COVID-19, it has become ever more important to make sure that every electronic device we own stays virus-free, and keyboard is the area where we use our hands the most. So, cleaning and disinfecting it becomes ever more important.

Steps for Disinfecting Laptop Keyboard for Virus Removal

Before directly following the steps for the disinfection, there are a few prerequisites that must be followed for adequate disinfection of your laptop keyboard. We are going to need the following products for complete disinfection. I recommend these products as using them will make the entire process hassle-free for you.

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  1. Cleaning Duster Can for Clearing Dust
  2. Resway Distilled Water for Disinfecting
  3. Cotton Swabs for Applying
  4. Raw Cotton Buds
  5. High-quality Isopropyl Alcohol

Remove Keyboard from the Laptop

We recommend removing the keyboard from the laptop first for easy disinfection and cleaning. Some laptops have a few screws under it that hold the keyboard together at the top. Some keyboards have a place at the top in which you just have to insert the tip of the screw driver to unclip it. If you can’t remove the keyboard, the disinfecting process can be done without it as well. But, we would recommend removing it if possible.

Clearing Dust from the Keyboard

I will always recommend the process for disinfecting laptop keyboard that I follow. So, the first step I do is remove the dust from the keyboard to make it ready for the process that lies ahead. The easiest way to remove dust from the keyboard is using a compressed air duster can, which you can buy from here or from the list of products given above. Just apply the duster, and it will tear off all the dust stuck in the keyboard.

Another thing you can do, that is if you can do is by removing dust from under the keys themselves. That can be done by someone who knows about it so if you’ve never done this before, leave this step aside. What we do is we push the button from under it to press it outwards, and it clips out of the keyboard. You can then clean it properly and press it back on. But, only do it if you believe you can do the unclipping and clipping with ease as it will be hassling for a novice.

Making the Disinfecting Mixture

Arguably the most important step of the entire process is mixing the entire mixture up. We need two main things to mix them together, a good-quality distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. Take a small container and mix both the liquids in it in equal proportion. You can also increase the amount of isopropyl alcohol if you’d like. After the mixture is ready, head over to the next step.

Using Cottons Buds/Swabs with Mixture for Disinfecting

After you’ve mixed the isopropyl alcohol with distilled water, the next step is taking either cotton swabs or cotton buds for disinfecting. Dip the cotton in the mixture and apply it gently on the keyboard buttons. Repeat it till the entire keyboard has the mixture applied on it with the swabs/buds. When everything dries up after some time, take a fiber cloth and give the keyboard a nice cleaning. Congratulations! Your keyboard is now free from germs and viral elements.

Does the Mixture Remove Coronavirus (COVID-19) Particles?

The mixture is perfect for removing all kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses like COVID-19. In these tough times, everything should be disinfected with care due to the hidden threat the virus carries with it. So, you should apply this not only on your keyboard but also on other devices. We highly recommend using this on other electronics.

Final Verdict

In the article above, I’ve explained how to disinfect laptop keyboard in the most efficient manner. Saving ourselves and the ones we love from pathogenic viruses and other germs is very important. It is compulsory that we protect everyone from all kinds of bacteria, and a laptop keyboard is something where everybody puts their hands on. So, protecting yourself and your family is something that you should always do.


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